Church of God and Saints of Christ (COGASOC™)

Church of God and Saints of Christ (COGASOC™)

Temple Beth El
Chief Rabbi Phillip E. McNeil

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Every Daughter Everywhere

About the Initiative

  • We provide hygiene kits to adolescent Daughters in rural tabernacles in Africa.
  • The DHIM coordinated and launched this initiative—in partnership with the Grand Auxiliary of the DOJASOM during Phase I– as an on-going project in local tabernacles so that “every daughter, everywhere (period!) …” will have the freedom and opportunity to continue their education.
  • At our workshop at the 2017 assembly in the USA, 71 Daughters signed up to volunteer on teams, and learned how to sew and assemble hygiene kits for distribution. No experience is necessary!

A complete hygiene kit includes…

  • Washable Liners (6)
  • Sleeve (holds the liner; 2)
  • Small bar of soap
  • Washcloth
  • Underwear*
  • Zip lock bags (gallon sized; 2)

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